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WOW! organizers, clients learn from July experience

By RODD CAYTON Daily News staff Sep 18, 2017

Volunteer Del Jones sorts peaches at the WOW! Produce Market on Friday. Items included peaches, hatch peppers and potato chips, along with unlimited bread.

FORT MOHAVE — Organizers of the WOW! Produce Market have applied lessons they learned in July after several clients needed medical attention because of the sweltering heat.

And so have the clients themselves.

Changes for Friday’s market included a cooling station and distribution of water.

The clients, for their part, were better at planning for their own safety, said organizer Betty Rae.

“We’re seeing a lot of our supporters bringing hats and umbrellas,” she said. 

The grounds of Amazing Grace Fellowship were also dotted with pop-up tents, which offered some shade to those waiting to receive food.

Rae said she expected adults representing about 400 households to attend Friday’s distribution, and that the event likely would feed more than 1,000 people.

As usual, WOW! volunteers distributed whatever was on board a truck that arrived that morning. Rae said she usually doesn’t know what she will have to offer until the truck arrives.

Each household was expected to receive about 40 pounds of food, free of charge.

This time, each household was entitled to melons, peaches, grapes, tomatoes, chips and juice.

There also was a selection of mixed produce items from which each client could choose one, along with unlimited bread.

And there was water. People standing in line received water, and water was also part of the allotment given to each household.

Amazing Grace pastor Josiah Drawhorn is also program manager for Caring Hearts Food Ministry. Rae said he arranged for numerous cases of bottled water to be contributed.

Members of the Bullhead City Community Emergency Response Team were on hand to operate a first aid and hydration station.

Dawn Clark of Fort Mohave said she was pleased with the changes to the market.

“It’s more organized than before,” Clark said. “I knew they’d fix it.”


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