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Lizzy’s, Caring Hearts continue tradition: Dinner feeds more than 1,000

By BILL McMILLEN The Daily News Nov 26, 2015

BULLHEAD CITY — Think you cook a lot for Thanksgiving?

Try 50 turkeys. And 40 pounds of stuffing. And 100 pounds of mashed potatoes. Add a few gallons of gravy, several pots of corn, 1,000 or so rolls....

“We’ve been prepping since Monday,” said Rosa Hernandez, owner of Lizzy’s Kitchen in Bullhead City, site of the Caring Hearts Food Ministry’s annual community Thanksgiving dinner. “We’ve been gradually buying things for several weeks.”

At the end of the day, approximately 1,000 mouths had been fed thanks to Hernandez and her staff from Lizzy’s and volunteers from Amazing Grace Fellowship, which operates the Caring Hearts Food Ministry with help from the BHHS Legacy Foundation, River Fund, Inc., St. Mary’s Food Bank and several area businesses and agencies.

“We want to help the community,” said Hernandez through interpreter Cristina Lopez. Hernandez speaks better-than-passable English but feels more comfortable in her native Spanish while answering rapid-fire questions.

“This is our way to say thanks for everything that we have,” she said.

Lizzy’s has been the site for the Thanksgiving dinner for several years and Hernandez and her staff have the assembly-line system worked to near-perfection. 

With the help of volunteers helping seat and serve visitors, the restaurant had about 400 people stop in during a five-hour window. More than 600 dinners left the building, delivered to shut-ins, the elderly and those without transportation.

“This has been a blessing for us,” said Josiah Drawhown, pastor of Amazing Grace Fellowship. “We want to thank the community for supporting us and for joining us.”

Drawhorn said the community dinner is one visible way the church can show its community involvement.

“It’s one way we can return something to the community,” he said. “The church is always asking (members) to donate, to tithe. This is one way we can give back.”

“We had a lot of people donate from our church,” added Gailland Drawhorn, Josiah’s wife and also a pastor at Amazing Grace Fellowship.

Josiah Drawhorn said it was especially rewarding to see at least 50 veterans from the food ministry’s Operation Feed Our Vets program taking part in Thursday’s feast.

“I love talking to people,” he said, adding that he spent a little time with an 89-year-old World War II veteran who attended with his 91-year-old wife.

Hernandez also said it was “all about the people.”

“There are a lot of good people here,” she said. “Si! Yes, I’m very happy that people keep coming”


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