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Feeding the masses — again: Annual Thanksgiving dinner feeds 1,232 resident, visitors

By KANE WICKHAM News West Nov 29, 2019

US Bank Volunteer Heidi relays meals as fast as kitchen staff can dish it out. Volunteer Staff from Lizzy's and Caring Hearts Food Ministry Volunteers served over 1200 meals.

BULLHEAD CITY — About the only thing that has changed in the 10  years that Lizzy’s Kitchen has been providing a community Thanksgiving dinner in Bullhead City is the number of people reached.

What started as a modest effort by the local restaurant to pay it forward has turned into a major production with more than 1,200 dinners prepared on Thursday.

Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and all the fixings were provided to more than 800 people at the restaurant on Highway 95 in Bullhead City. Volunteer delivered about 400 to area residents who couldn’t get to the restaurant.

“(We had) 1,232 meals served from Lizzy’s, including delivery meals,” said Betty Rae, of Caring Hearts Food Ministry. Caring Hearts joined forces with the BHHS Legacy Foundation and Lizzy’s to furnish the annual meal.

The feast was open to anyone. Many chose to eat there Thursday because it has become a tradition. Others opted for Lizzy’s because of convenience — they didn’t have many people to cook for and didn’t want to have to clean up the mess. And others dined because they knew they could get a hot meal and friendly companionship. And others said they didn’t have anywhere else to go because they didn’t have family in the area.

One man exited with a smile on his face and said he hadn’t eaten in three days.

Lizzy’s owner Rosa Hernandez began the tradition as a way for the restaurant to thank the community for its support.

 “I want to do something to give back to the community,” Hernandez said in 2010, a mantra she has repeated annually. “We know how hard times are; we want to help them as much as possible. And it’s gratitude to God for blessing the business all year.”


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