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Dinner is served: Lizzy’s Kitchen continues Thanksgiving tradition

By RODD CAYTON The Daily News Nov 24, 2016

Volunteer Dana Whitehead sets a couple of plates before diners Thursday during the annual community Thanksgiving dinner at Lizzy’s Kitchen. About 15 Caring Hearts Food Ministry volunteers served the meal, cooked by restaurant staff who donated their time. The BHHS Legacy Foundation and River Fund, Inc., provided much of the money needed to make the event possible, said Vickie Whitehead of Caring Hearts. The restaurant and its employees enjoy putting on the annual Thanksgiving dinner out of gratitude for the business’ success, she said. Claudia said her mother cooked about three dozen turkeys for the event.

BULLHEAD CITY — There were no fishes and the “loaves” were dinner rolls Thursday at Lizzy’s Kitchen, but doing the work of God through feeding the hungry was the goal.

For the sixth straight year, the eatery and the Caring Hearts Food Ministry joined forces to provide a free community Thanksgiving dinner.

“It’s that time of year,” said Vickie Whitehead of Caring Hearts. “It’s important to show God’s love to people.”

Whitehead said that 1,400 people were served last year, and that organizers’ goal was to at least match that number.

They were nearing 1,000 served in the restaurant with still plenty of food remaining.

In addition to the walk-in traffic, meals were also delivered to those unable to come to the restaurant or who were at work.

Whitehead said the meal, cooked by restaurant staff, drew rave reviews.

“They love the food,” she said. “(Lizzy’s Kitchen owner Rosa Hernandez) makes the best corn chowder.”

Lizzy’s Kitchen employees not only donated their time, said Claudia Hernandez, daughter of Rosa, but also went to another level of generosity. She said that while they didn’t seek out any tips, any they received were donated to Caring Hearts.

The food ministry, now operated by Amazing Grace Fellowship Church puts the event on with financial help from the BHHS Legacy Foundation and River Fund, Inc.

Caring Hearts also operates a food bank and has a veterans food program. 

Claudia Hernandez said her mother hosts the dinner out of gratitude for the business’ success. “(The community) supports us all year,” she said. “We’re very blessed. “It’s important to support our community and give back.”

Hernandez said restaurant employees have worked for about two weeks to prepare for the dinner and were there early Thursday. She hoped the meal would be served and cleanup completed by early evening so the employees could spend part of the holiday with their families.

If all goes to plan, there would be no leftovers to deal with.

“We will continue to serve until our food is gone,” Whitehead said.


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